5th and 6th grades

Students in Fifth and Sixth grade are now able to draw “what they see” and not necessarily “what they think they see”. This is a break-though for them intellectually and artistically.  By teaching them to draw they improve their hand-eye coordination. They also are more interested in expressing their moods and thoughts through the visual arts.  Artistic concepts can be more abstract.

Our classes can challenge the more advanced students, and at the same time we can continue to develop students who are beginning to think that they are “not artistic”. Our primary goal is for them to have no fear in creating art, to learn to experiment and make mistakes, and capitalize from their experiences. By bringing art classes to them that they can relate to, as well as classes that continue to develop their own personal styles, StudioKids Art classes bring a sense of art for everyone, to encourage students to love and enjoy art for what the rest of their lives.

Note: many classes from other grade levels are available to each grade. Instructors adjust each lesson or course to the grade level and ability they are presented with.

Advertising Arts


Architectural Sketchers®


Drawing Studio

Digital Photo

Fashion Passion

Manga & Anime

Mask Making


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