Anton Campbell

Instructor (Drawing, Illustration, Animation, Comics)  Fūrinkazan! Draw as fast as the wind, be as silent as the forest,  sketch as fierce as fire, foundation as unshakeable as mountain…rough translation of course.. Since his first viewing of the Disney film Aladdin in 1992, Anton Campbell has dedicated his life to the field of animation.  He is well versed about all forms of animation, from Alice in Wonderland to Zeta Gundam. He holds a BA from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, studying anatomy, conceptual storytelling, and of course animation. At the Art Garage, our home studio, Anton chairs the animation and character design classes.

Khrystyna Khristianova

Graduating from George Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Khrystyna focused on studying film, digital photography and drawing. Although she started out as a computer scientist, she wanted to make her passion for photography her career, purchasing her first film camera in 2005.   Khrystyna has made sure her skills have been keeping up with the changes in photography and drawing mediums. The best part for Khrystyna has been sharing her passion with her students.

Margot Gardow (coming soon)


Tevon Miller

iPad Drawing, Digital Photography and Game Design instructor, Tevon is a multimedia artist who specializes in creating content using various media formats (music, audio engineering, video production, vector art, and 2D computer animation). He is  currently in his 7th year at Studio Kids Art teaching students in multiple media disciplines such as music production, digital photography, video production, drawing, and 2D animation.  Tevon is one of our most popular instructors.

Sharon Kish  (coming soon)

Thalia Ortega (coming soon)

Caterina Rodrigues

After developing her artistic foundations at Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy, Catarina is currently taking her passions to the next level at Montclair State University as a junior, where she will receive her  BA in Animation and Illustration. She has interned at an animation studio in NYC, has been mentored by an award winning air-brush artist and illustrator, and illustrated for a children’s book publishing company.  Caterina is currently giving her time to the “Healing Arts Program” at Atlantic Health, where she is currently developing a coloring book for hospital patients.