Getting Art on Fridays.

Mural making on a Friday!

Mural making on a Friday!

Admittedly, we like to get art everyday.  But there are some days that are a little tougher than others.  Many of us are conditioned to be done, over and out! on Fridays.  This means that adding a class on a Friday afternoon after school could be a disaster.  You may not get students to sign up, there might be attention issues (after a long week, who really wants to be in school?) and parents might be unable to pick up their kids after work.

If you really want to get some enrollment on a Friday, and you feel there is a need for “something to do” on a Friday afternoon or evening, we have a few suggestions.  After ten years of experimenting with different types of classes and ideas, we have seen some very successful Friday programs come to fruition.  They all have at least one of these ideas below.

  1. Find classes that sound unusual.  What does that mean?  Kids and teens like classes that have really catchy or edgy names.  Something called “Evil Sneakers” was something we found for an indoor exercise class.  Yes, it was an unusual class, they added lots of cool twists to traditional playground games, and it worked!  For art class, we came up with “Power Drawing” where students learn to draw in really different ways!
  2. Get kids out of their chairs.  Classes that make people wander around, looking and finding things are always a good bet.  Treasure hunts, mini exploration, geo-tracking games are all fantastic ways to engage groups of kids.  Treasure hunts should have challenging clues and fun prizes.  One mini-exploration class a local chef brought the kids into the school cafeteria kitchen and showed them all the equipment and how to cook a simple dish. They ate it up!
  3. Fun marketing that starts way ahead of time.  Good marketing of your program will get the kids talking.  Use cool graphics, try finding templates in “pages” or a new website called Canva.  Make the posters and the flyers look like something they’d really want to look at.  Chances are once they look at it, they will really see it!  And then talk about it.

Do you have any other ideas you’d like to add to this?  Let us know, we will post more as the school year progresses.  Good luck!  And of course, don’t forget to give us a call, we can ALWAYS come up with some good ideas for you!

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